(Image credits go to the following: Prep Hoops Ohio, Miami Valley Hoop Vault, SW Ohio Sports Daily,,,, Troy Daily News, Dayton Daily News, Daily Advocate, The Early Bird Paper, etc.)

  1. AJ Braun (6'9"/Power Forward/Bishop Fenwick HS)
  2. Skylar Schmidt (6'7"/Power Forward/Clermont Northeastern HS)
  3. Ben Knostman (6'4"/Point Guard/Tippecanoe HS)
  4. Trey Woodyard (6'7"/Small Forward/London HS)
  5. Brayden Sipple (6'4"/Combo Guard/Blanchester HS)
  6. Anthony McComb (6'2"/Combo Guard/Thurgood Marshall HS)
  7. Aidan Reichert (6'6"/Power Forward/Jackson Center HS)
  8. Will Hill (6'4"/Small Forward/Meadowdale HS)
  9. Allen Lattimore (6'1"/Combo Guard/West Carrollton HS)
  10. Cameron Harrison (6'0"/Point Guard/National Trail HS)
  11. Malcolm Curry (6'0"/Point Guard/Wayne HS)
  12. Patrick Ivory Jr. (6'5"/Small Forward/Northmont HS)
  13. Jainaz Cameron (6'6"/Small Forward/London HS)
  14. Courtney Blake II (6'2"/Point Guard/Trotwood-Madison HS)
  15. Shaeden Olden (6'3"/Combo Guard/Troy HS)
  16. AJ Eller (5'11"/Combo Guard/Brookville HS)
  17. Tyler Montague (6'0"/Point Guard/Vandalia Butler HS)
  18. Justin Nixon (6'6"/Center/Minster HS)
  19. Dylan Stinson (6'3"/Point Guard/Tri-County North HS)
  20. Prophet Johnson (6'2"/Small Forward/Thurgood Marshall HS)
  21. Nolan Burney (6'6"/Power Forward/Carlisle HS)
  22. Johrdon Mumford (6'3"/Small Forward/Middletown HS)
  23. Justin O'Neal (6'3"/Small Forward/Meadowdale HS)
  24. Stanley Shrivers (6'2"/Point Guard/West Carrollton HS)
  25. Daniel Nauseef (6'7"/Center/Chaminade-Julienne HS)
  26. Carter Mims (5'7"/Point Guard/Trotwood-Madison HS)
  27. Jackson Izzard (Combo Guard/Jonathan Alder HS)
  28. Matt Butcher (6'6"/Small Forward/Wilmington HS)
  29. Cam Fancher (6'3"/Combo Guard/Wayne HS)
  30. Isaiah Ramey (6'5"/Small Forward/Cedarville HS)
  31. Chanze Amerson (6'1"/Combo Guard/Thurgood Marshall HS)
  32. Aigbokhai Kadari (6'8"/Center/West Carrollton HS)
  33. Ben Palma (6'8"/PF/Wayne HS)
  34. Brady King (6'3"/Point Guard/Graham HS)
  35. Zyon Tull (6'3"/Small Forward/Western Brown HS)
  36. Jayson Hayes (6'2"/Combo Guard/Centerville HS)
  37. Jakob Reed (5'11"/Combo Guard/Stebbins HS)
  38. Zach Frederick (6'4"/Small Forward/Tippecanoe HS)
  39. Trent Koning (6'0"/Combo Guard/Cedarville HS)
  40. Dylan Hoosier (5'8"/Point Guard/Xenia HS)
  41. Damontay Raglin (6'4"/Small Forward/Trotwood-Madison HS)
  42. Josh Tolliver (6'0"/Combo Guard/Springfield HS)
  43. Cole Allen (6'4"/Small Forward/Greeneview HS)
  44. Jaden Owens (6'1"/Combo Guard/Troy HS)
  45. Isaiah Dean (6'2"/Combo Guard/Carlisle HS)
  46. Sam Severt (5'11"/Combo Guard/Dayton Carroll HS)
  47. Ashton Piper (6'0"/CG/Fairlawn HS)
  48. Alex Ball (6'0"/Combo Guard/Miamisburg HS)
  49. Bryce Singleton (6'3"/Small Forward/Preble Shawnee HS)
  50. Rhett Burtch (6'1"/Combo Guard/Greeneview HS)