Super Team Dream?


Superteam dream is a new segment that we will be doing that'll showcase the biggest what-if scenarios. We will be combining 12 schools into 6 different rosters and showing who this roster would feature as well as if it was a real team what kind of impact that would be. This list is all FUN and not intended to give ideas or anything in any manner.

Oakville (Centerville + Oakwood)

Key Players

G- Darren Rubin (6-0/PG/Oakwood)
G- Gabe Cupps (5-11/SG/Centerville)
G- TJ House (6-3/WG/Centerville)
F- Kebba Njie (6-6/PF/Centerville)
C- Mo Njie (6-9/C/Centerville)
6th- Rich Rolf (6-5/PF/Centerville)

Prediction: Oakville would be an immediate state contender. Darren Rubin on this Centerville team would be unstoppable. Rubin scores in many ways and can go get you 20+ with ease. Mo Njie, Kebba Njie, and Rich Rolf would keep everyone out of the paint. Gabe Cupps would provide lights out shooting on the wing while TJ House would be a key component to their team as well. It may be only one team on this list that I could see beating this group. 

Belmont Marshall (Thurgood-Marshall + Belmont)

Key Players

G- Logan Moore (6-0/PG/Dayton Belmont)
G- Mekhi Elmore (6-1/SG/Thurgood Marshall)
G- Anthony McComb (6-2/SG/Thurgood Marshall)
G- Chanze Amerson (6-2/SG/Thurgood Marshall)
C- Shawn Phillips (6-10/C/Dayton Belmont)
6th- Prophet Johnson (6-1/SG/Thurgood Marshall)

Prediction: Belmont Marshall would be a City League Dream. Logan Moore running the show while Mekhi Elmore & Anthony McComb are scoring from the wings. Two high-level scorers like that to pair up with nationally ranked Shawn Phillips would be impossible to stop. Amerson would do most of the dirty work as well as be a reliable scorer. This team would dominate D2 to a state title.

Franklin-Madison (Franklin + Middletown Madison)

Key Players

G- Kamry Fuller (5-7/PG/Franklin)
G- Zack Minton (6-0/SG/Franklin)
G- Will Emrick (6-4/SG/Franklin)
F- Matt Gomia (6-1/WF/Middletown Madison)
F- Grant Whisman (6-7/WF/Middletown Madison)
6th- Ryan Russell (6-0/SG/Franklin)

Prediction: FM would be the best shooting team in the state possibly. Emrick, Minton, and Whisman are all capable 42% shooters from deep. PG Kamry Fuller is a good penetrator that finds a way to maneuver to the rim. Gomia would be the role guy in this group and he's a very tough and physical guy to deal with. Whisman is the star of the show and would be the go-to guy. This team would have the potential to make a state title run depending on who they played.

Archbishop Beavercreek (Alter + Beavercreek)

Key Players

G- Yousef Saleh (5-11/PG/Beavercreek)
G- Brady Uhl (6-1/SG/Archbishop Alter)
G- Chris Herbort (6-2/SG/Beavercreek)
F- Jacob Conner (6-6/WF/Archbishop Alter)
F- Conor Stolly (6-8/PF/Archbishop Alter)
6th- Adam Duvall (6-7/PF/Beavercreek)

Prediction: This combination would be lethal. A backcourt of Saleh, Uhl, and Herbort would be a tough game. Not even mentioning your frontcourt guys would have to match-up with shooters Jacob Conner & Conor Stolly. They would lack some defense but would more than make it up on offense. This team honestly could have state title potential with the level of skill they all possess.

Chaminade Tippewick (Fenwick/C.J. + Tippecanoe)

Key Players

G- Ben Knostman (6-4/PG/Tippecanoe)
G- Brandon Gibson (6-4/WG/Chaminade-Julienne)
F- Nolan Mader (6-4/WF/Tippecanoe)
F- Daniel Nauseef (6-6/PF/Chaminade-Julienne)
F- AJ Braun (6-8/PF/Bishop Fenwick)
6th- Ben Sauls (6-0/SG/Tippecanoe)

Prediction: This three-team roster would be an overall solid team. They have the size of a college team and have a ton of IQ between all of these guys. This group would probably make it to a state elite 8 or final 4 depending on the circumstances and what division this took place in, But no denying this team would be solid!

Kentwood (Kenton Ridge + Trotwood-Madison)

Key Players

G- Deuce Blake II (6-1/PG/Trotwood-Madison)
G- Sammy Anderson (6-2/SG/Trotwood-Madison)
G- Carl Blanton Jr. (6-2/SG/Trotwood-Madison)
F- Damontay Raglin (6-5/PF/Trotwood-Madison)
F- Tyler Eberhart (6-7/WF/Kenton Ridge)
6th- Carter Mims (5-7/PG/Trotwood-Madison)

Prediction: Kentwood is basically Trotwood with an elite level guy like Tyler Eberhart. You got an elite quartet of guards in Mims, Blake, Blanton & Anderson. Along with athletic PF Raglin who would be more of a glue-guy, while you have a stud in Tyler Eberhart on the roster. Blanton & Eberhart would be Must-See TV with their high flying style of play.