Super Team Dream?


Superteam dream is a new segment that we will be doing that'll showcase the biggest what-if scenarios. We will be combining 12 schools into 6 different rosters and showing who this roster would feature as well as if it was a real team what kind of impact that would be. This list is all FUN and not intended to give ideas of anything in any manner.

Wenterville (Wayne + Centerville)

Key Players

G- Amy Velasco (5-7/PG/Centerville)
G- Nyla Hampton (5-7/PG/Wayne)
G- Kendal George (5-9/SG/Centerville)
F- Aubryanna Hall (6-0/WF/Wayne)
F- Cotie McMahon (6-0/WF/Centerville)
6th- Alyssa Hall (5-8/SG/Wayne)

Prediction: Wenterville would be dominant and a national powerhouse. Cotie along with Bree would be an unstoppable duo. Nyla Hampton would be a lockdown defender on any guard nationwide while Velasco would be that high IQ player that this team would need. Kendal George & Alyssa Hall would just top it off by stretching the floor with incredible 3 point range.

Leboro (Springboro + Lebanon)

Key Players

G- Kendall Folley (5-7/PG/Lebanon)
G- Haley Crozier (5-6/SG/Springboro)
G- Peyton Nation (5-10/WG/Springboro)
F- Jordan Hobbs (6-1/WF/Springboro)
F- McKel Nation (6-2/PF/Springboro)
6th- Olivia Majors (5-7/PG/Springboro)

Prediction: Leboro's core would be mainly Springboro Girls and Kendall Folley. Folley would run the show on both ends and get after it with the speed she posses. Crozier is an efficient shooter that would keep everything spaced. Peyton Nation and Hobbs would have their way with defenses slashing to the rim all while McKel Nation would defend the paint. Olivia Majors, as well as some other Lebanon players, would fill out the bench.

Minster Village (Minster + Tri-Village)

Key Players

G- Ivy Wolf (5-8/PG/Minster)
G- Janae Hoying (5-7/PG/Minster)
F- Morgan Hunt (5-10/WF/Tri-Village)
F- Maddie Downing (6-1/PF/Tri-Village)
C- Meghan Downing (6-2/C/Tri-Village)
6th- Rylee Sagester (5-7/PG/Tri-Village)

Prediction: The fast-paced guards of Minster along with the bigs from Tri-Village would form an unstoppable team statewide in Division 4. Ivy Wolf and Janae Hoying would compete with the best of them when it comes to 1-2 punches. The Downing sisters would be a force in the paint while Rylee Sagester, Morgan Hunt & Lissa Siler would be great complementary pieces. 

Fairfield (Fairmont + Springfield)

Key Players

G- Makira Webster (5-8/PG/Fairmont)
G- Mickayla Perdue (5-8/CG/Springfield)
G- Mallory Hullinger (5-8/SG/Fairmont)
F- Madeline Westbeld (6-3/WF/Fairmont)
F- Madison Bartley (6-3/PF/Fairmont)
6th- Kierra Thornton (5-8/SG/Fairmont)

Prediction: This team's makeup is similar to Leboro as most of their team is from one school. A backcourt of Perdue & Webster along with Thornton and Hullinger could not be ignored. Perdue is the go-to scorer this group would need and would take more attention off of Westbeld as she would be able to dominate. This team would for sure be a state championship contender in the state of Ohio.

Carroll Christian (Legacy Christian Academy + Carroll)

Key Players

G- Allie Stefanek (5-7/PG/Dayton Carroll)
G- Kat Ahner (5-9/SG/Legacy Christian)
F- Emma Hess (6-0/WF/Legacy Christian)
F- Megan Leraas (5-11/PF/Dayton Carroll)
C- Julia Keller (6-1/C/Dayton Carroll)
6th- Sarah Ochs (5-6/SG/Dayton Carroll)

Prediction: One of the state's most underrated teams and two of the areas most underrated players collide with this one. Julia Keller, Emma Hess & Allie Stefanek would be a force and very hard to beat. Keller and Hess are both studs while Stefanek is a poised PG and great floor leader. Leraas is the ultimate role player along with sharpshooter Kat Ahner. Sarah Ochs & Ava Lickliter would bring great energy off the bench for this group as they would make deep tourney runs with this group.

Troycanoe (Tippecanoe + Troy)

Key Players

G- Macie Taylor (5-8/PG/Troy)
G- Kendall Clodfelter (5-6/PG/Tippecanoe)
G- Ashleigh Mader (5-8/SG/Tippecanoe)
F- Rachel Wildermuth (6-0/PF/Tippecanoe)
C- Tia Bass (6-1/C/Troy)
6th- Mckenna Taylor (5-8/SG/Troy)

Prediction: This was a fun one I made up being two teams that are really competitive when paired. Macie Taylor would lead the guard offense along with Ashleigh Mader & Kendall Clodfelter. All three guards know how to light it up and get the ball in the rim. Wildermuth & Hemmelgarn will alternate helping out elite big Tia Bass down low. Bass is a dominant paint threat on offense and defense and I think this team could give a lot of teams mentioned a run for their money.