Getting To Know: Mickayla Perdue


TH: First question, how tall are you, what position do you play along with what school do you attend?

MP: I am 5'8", I play Point Guard and I'm from Springfield High School.

TH: I know you're statistically one of the best scorers in the area, what schools have offered you?

MP: Schools that have offered me are: Detroit, Youngstown State, Stetson, UNC, Villanova, Toledo, Hartford, Wright State, Arkansas State, Indiana State, Akron, Oakland, Columbia, Duquesne, Eastern Michigan, and Western Michigan.

TH: So you're apart of one of the best AAU teams in the country, how did this summer go for you guys?

MP: This summer went great! We only lost one game against our age group the whole season. The last tournament in ATL which was the UAA Nations we went all the way to the championship and won. We became the UAA champions, which is a huge accomplishment for our program.

TH: That's great! Individually who is the toughest player you've had to guard so far throughout your HS career?

MP: The toughest player that I have had to guard would be Destiny Bohanon who graduated this past year and is now a freshman for the University of Dayton.

TH: Okay and lastly what's some of your personal and team goals for this upcoming season?

MP: Some of my personal goals are for all of my stats including assists, rebounds, steals, ppg, etc. to all be higher than last season. Our team goals are to win more conference games than last year and to make it further in the GWOC then last year.